Becoming a Responsible Person in Early Education and Care

Becoming a Responsible Person in Early Education and Care

People in day-to-day charge play a vital leadership role in ensuring effective decisions are made to meet all legal requirements of the Education and Care Services National Law and Regulations during service operating times. That person known as the Responsible Person within legislation may be the Approved ProviderNominated Supervisor or in the case of their absence another person(s) selected within the service. 

You may have been asked to take on a role of responsible person, along with your role as educator. Sure, it is all outlined in legislation but what does it mean, what is requiredwhat are you legally responsible for? OR You may be a provider or committee wondering what skills and experience are required to meet legislative requirements. This four module on-demand online course is based on legislation, covers off what it all means to be the responsible person as well as how best to select one in your service. 

Learning outcomes:
        • Define the term and role of responsible person 

        • Discover how to identify and select the responsible person 

        • Learn the responsible persons critical operational responsibilities  

        • Highlight focused approaches for the role required to lower risks in service  

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